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Sunblaster - 125W 6400K CFL Bulb - IncrediGrow, flourecent, flourescent, flouresent, fluorecent, fluorescant Lighting & Reflective Material

Sunblaster - 125W 6400K CFL Bulb

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Use SunBlaster 125 watt compact fluorescent lamps to replace your existing 250-300 watt bulbs, wherever you want to provide full spectrum 6400 Kelvin cool natural light which is comparable to natural daylight. These bulbs work well in horticultural applications or as warehouse lighting.


These Big Watt CFLS require a mogul socket (E39) to operate.


Made for Horticulture

Light Output 7,200 Lumens
Power Consumption 125 Watts
Rated Life 8,000 Hours
Colour Rendering Index 81 CRI
Voltage 110-130 Volts
Base Type Mogul Socket E39
Item Number (6400K) Grow - 0900163
SKU: SBR200-1636

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