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Price Match Guarantee

What Products Qualify for Our Price Guarantee?

Identical products that are the same make, model and brand

In-stock products, available for sale at a competitor and at an Incredigrow location.

Online competitor products that can be shipped to your location

Products that are not part of our exclusion list

How Does Our Price Guarantee Work?

Price Match for Online-Only Stores:

If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from a Canadian retailer’s website, we will price match. Prices will be matched to localized online prices if available. We will not price-match shipping, taxes or items that are not identical.

Please note that price-matched items are exempt from our points program.

How to Price Match

  • Present details of the competitor’s pricing (flyer or website) to an Incredigrow associate, during the competitor’s offer period, at the time of checkout or submit screenshots via e-mail.
  • For competitor items advertised online, the website must be viewed in real-time by the employee before checkout is completed
  • We will confirm the product qualifies for our Price Guarantee.


  • Before making your online purchase, please call your store of choice or email us via to request a price match.
  • Please provide the following details in your call or email:
  • Link to product.
  • Link to the product on the competitor’s website OR a copy of the competitor’s current flyer
  • Screenshot of the price difference
  • We will confirm the product qualifies for our Price Guarantee.

What’s Excluded?

    • Custom or Special Order products
    • Pro-Mix HP and other items that have been stored outdoors at big-box stores 
    • Customized or configured products (e.g., custom items etc.) from a competitor
    • Products that are not the identical make, model, brand, colour, packaging, contents or barcode
    • Volume or wholesale discount pricing
    • Custom, commercial or personalized quotes from competitors
    • Discontinuations, liquidations, clearance, expired and closeout prices
    • Older, limited or alternative versions or editions
    • Competitor bid and auctions site pricing
    • Items sold via a third-party or discount site, including Amazon marketplaces and third-party sellers - meaning any products that are not sold directly by a competing retailer
    • Open-box or display merchandise as well as returned, damaged, pre-owned, reconditioned, refurbished or previously discounted products
    • Competitor pricing for professional services, including labour, assembly and installation costs
    • Rebates, free offers, gifts with purchase, gift cards, prepaid cards, or bundle offers
    • Storewide or unspecific offers
    • Credit, lease, or financing offers and programs
    • Fraudulent prices and advertised pricing from a competitor based on typographical error, misprint or other error
    • Rain checks, retroactive price adjustments
    • Non-branded items
    • Items with inflated shipping charges
    • Taxes, delivery and shipping
    • Products and services furnished by Installation Services
    • Wholesalers, liquidators, peddlers
    • American or other international websites, even if they ship to Canada
    • Non-current pricing

Other Terms and Conditions

Our Price Guarantee is only available at the time of purchase. Competitor prices must be in Canadian dollars. The discount is applied before taxes and environmental stewardship fees or other levies, if applicable. We reserve the right to limit quantities or refuse any unreasonable request. This Price Match Guarantee cannot be combined with any other offer.

We reserve the right to refuse or limit price matching if we believe that the competitor's price is not a fair representation of the current market value of the product. Additionally, we reserve the right to update or modify our price match policy at any time without prior notice, so we encourage our customers to review the policy periodically to ensure they are up-to-date with any changes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to price match a competitor’s identical product?

In-store Process:

  1. Ensure the identical product is currently in-stock at the competitor
  2. Present details of the competitor’s pricing via a flyer, print out, photo, or website, during the offer period, to your cashier at the time of checkout.
  3. We will confirm if the product qualifies for our Price Guarantee.


Online Process:

  1. Ensure the identical product is in-stock at the competitor, and if it’s an online product, it must be available to ship to your location.
  2. Call your location of choice and/or send an email via and provide the following details:
     Brand name
    • Model number
    • Link to product on and details of competitor’s pricing via a flyer, print out, photo or complete web address to the product
  3. We will confirm if the product qualifies for our Price Guarantee.

    What qualifies as proof of a competitor’s price when requesting a price match?

    • We will accept a flyer, print out, photo, or website, showing the competitor’s price of an identical item during the offer period. We will then verify the price and local availability of the product.

    Does a competitor’s product have to be in-stock to receive a price match?

    • Yes, at the time a price match is requested, a competitor’s product must be in-stock and for online items, available to ship to your location.

    Does the Price Guarantee apply to shipping costs?

    • No. Our policy only applies to the price of a product, excluding shipping.

    Are there any products that are excluded from IncrediGrow's price match policy?

    • Yes, there are some products that are excluded from our price match policy, including clearance or closeout items, refurbished or used items, and items sold on auction sites or by unauthorized or third-party dealers. Pro-Mix and other items stored outdoors from big-box retailers is also excluded without exception. There may be more exclusions. Employees are permitted to use their best judgement when determining whether or not an item qualifies for the price match guarantee.

    Can I use a coupon, society membership discount or promotional code in addition to a price match?

    • No, coupons, society membership discounts and promotional codes cannot be used in conjunction with a price match.

    Can I use store credit or a gift card in addition to a price match?

    • Absolutely! As store credit and gift cards are considered a form of payment and not a discount, they are compatible with price matching.

    What if I find a lower price after I have already made my purchase?

    • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer retroactive price matches. Price matches must be requested at the time of purchase or before.

    Why are some items from big-box retailers excluded from the price match policy?

    • We exclude specific products from big-box retailers from our price match policy because they often store their soil and other items outdoors, which can increase the likelihood of pests such as bugs and rodents. We store our products indoors to minimize the risk of pests.