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Philips - Ceramalux ALTO High Pressure Sodium - IncrediGrow,  Bulbs

Philips - Ceramalux ALTO High Pressure Sodium

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Philips Ceramalux High Pressure Sodium Lamps are a better value than standard high pressure sodium lamps, with longer life and reduced maintenance cost.


More resistant to outages caused by vibration and line voltage fluctuations.
90% lumen maintenance.
Sustainable lighting solution - up to 90% less mercury than standard Philips Ceramalux HPS lamps and lead free.


Rated average life of 30,000 hours*
    Direct replacement for standard HPS lamps
      200, 250 and 400 Watts available in the ED18 mogul base / 50, 70, 100 and 150 Watts available in the ED 23-1/2 mogul base / 1000 Watts available in the ED 25 mogul base.
        * Rated average life is the life obtained, on the average, from large representative groups of lamps in laboratory tests under controlled conditions at 10 or more operating hours per start. Approximate lumen output at 40% of rated life. It is based on survival of 65% of the lamps and allows for individual lamps or groups of lamps to vary considerably from the average.


          Ideal for street and roadway lighting, parking lots and garages, warehouses and manufacturing facilities where lower maintenance costs are desired.
          SKU: COM200-0102

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