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Doktor Doom - Spider Mite Knockdown (White Cap) - IncrediGrow, aphid, control, death, doctor, doom, foliar, kill, ladybug, mite, murder, pest, pesticide, pyrethin, spider, spray, thrips Control Products & Foilar Sprays

Doktor Doom - Spider Mite Knockdown (White Cap)

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  • Doktor Doom - Spider Mite Knockdown is ideal for use on most indoor and outdoor plants, trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables
  • Uses .20% Pyrethrin which is extracted from the seeds of the Chrysanthemum flower – mother nature’s naturally occurring insecticide
  • 360° spray valve, sprays in all directions – even upside down for hard to reach areas
  • Ultrafine spray button provides a great spray pattern with excellent plant foliage coverage
  • For use on food crops up to one day before harvest

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