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Sunblaster - T5 to LED Conversion Lamp

Sunblaster - T5 to LED Conversion Lamp

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Unlike the Light Strips, these replacement tubes fit right into the T5 fixtures. They’re the same dimensions as the T5 tubes, with the same pin contact points, but with a series of LED diodes inside the glass tube. These are available in three sizes, and ship in protective clamshell packaging. Expect 50,000 hours of life from each tube. 6400 Kelvin is the same output as the standard fluorescent T5 tube, but LED tubes produce no excess heat.

Use less power, produce no excess heat, and enjoy a longer life - 50,000 hours.

    • Fits in the regular T5 fixtures
    • Produces less heat
    • Uses less power
    • Lasts 50,000 hours
SKU: LED202-8253

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