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WillGro - Chilean Sphagnum Moss

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Sphagnum moss is a plant that grows on the surface of the soil in a bog or swamp. It thrives in New Zealand, Chile, Greenland, Canada and other regions. It is carefully and sustainably harvested to ensure regeneration, a cycle which typically takes 5-6 years. It is also known as peat moss, although that term can also refer to a different product. 

WillGro moss is a high quality, lightweight, naturally sterile sphagnum moss from Chile. An excellent blend for most orchids, including Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums and Oncidiums and more. WillGro Moss helps accelerate growth and reduce shock when repotting seedlings such as Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis, Oncidiums and Dendrobiums. Holds 20 times its weight in water. Sphagnum moss is an excellent soil amendment!

Before using, place moss in a container of water to allow it to rehydrate completely. Use hands to squeeze excess water out. When potting, do not pack moss into pot too tightly. The tighter the moss is packed, the less water it holds. Never allow moss to dry out completely. 

WillGro Potting Instructions

Potted Orchids: 

Place broken clay pots, or rocks in the bottom of the pot to improve drainage. Take a handful of pre-moistened WilGro Moss, wrap it around the roots and position the plant in the pot and pack firmly but not too tightly. Add additional moss to bring the moss level up to the base of the plant. Maintain a regular fertilizer program. 

Orchids in Baskets: 

Follow the potting instructions for orchids. Rocks to aid drainage are not necessary. Take note: Baskets may dry out faster than pots. 

Rooting Plants: 

Scrape cuttings, dip in a rooting hormone and place in damp WillGro Moss. Rooting will soon occur. Remember, with rooting hormones, less is usually more, so don't "glop" it on. 

Mulching House Plants: 

Place a layer of damp WillGro Moss on the top of the potting mix to reduce drying. WillGro Moss can also be mixed with the potting medium to retain moisture. 

Air Layering: 

Propagation is used to induce plant stems to produce roots. Select clean young shoots for best results. 

Packed and processed for: Paladin Management Ltd.
Langley, British Columbia. 

Product of Chile. 

Other Usages: 

  • Sphagnum moss is a vital and eye-catching part of any naturalistic vivarium or container garden. 
  • Safe for use around animals.
  • Can provide a living zone for beneficial terrarium/vivarium organisms in a properly maintained enviroment. 
  • Non-toxic to reptiles, birds and mammals.
  • Can be used for hobby models like miniature train displays, fantasy tabletop roleplaying games including Warhammer and Pathfinder, or for student projects and professional displays such as dioramas.
  • Can be used to pack bulbs such as tulips. 
  • Makes a great gift!


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