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Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae - In-Store Pickup Only

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In-store pickup ONLY.

Growers looking for superior quality and flexibility in their growing environment should look no further than PRO-MIX HP. With its high perlite content, this formulation provides significant drainage capacity, increased air porosity and lower water retention.

The added benefit of fibrous peat moss and coarse perlite makes this product ideal for growers who require a superior-quality product adapted to their needs for watering flexibility and crop seasonality.

PRO-MIX HP also offers a number of additional benefits, including: drying out more frequently than general-purpose, peat-based mixes; being well-suited for low-light growing conditions and high humidity; being less difficult to overwater crops; reducing the incidence of water-related problems (root diseases, algae, and fungus gnats); holding less water for improved leaching of fertilizer salts during the crop cycle; and MYCORRHIZAE, which improves fertilizer uptake and reduces fertilizer costs, increases the resistance of a plant to stresses, and optimizes results without changing growing practices.

With PRO-MIX HP, growers can expect increased root mass, flower production, plant size, yield, shelf life, improved water uptake, and increased drought resistance. For superior quality and flexibility in their growing environment, growers should choose PRO-MIX HP.

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