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Ultra Tech - Vermiculite 4 cu ft

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Looking for the perfect lightweight soil option that will help your plants stay hydrated and prevent them from drying out? Check out vermiculite! This environmentally inert, hydrous phyllosilicate mineral is an affordable and easy to use soil conditioner.

Vermiculite can also be used as packing material for fragile items because it extremely lightweight and absorbent.

Additionally, if you need to store bulbs in containers over the winter or during shipping, sprinkle some vermiculite around each bulb; its absorptive power prevents mildew and moisture fluctuation during storage periods without absorbing water from the inside of the stored tubers.

When using vermiculite with flower or vegetable gardens or potted plants, gently mix up to half the volume of soil with vermiculite in order to create air channels that allow the soil mix to breathe properly.

As a seed germination aideither alone or mixed with peat or soilvery little watering is required; just feed with a weak fertilizer solution when true leaves appear on seedlings.

Whats more - not only does vermiculate make an ideal growing medium for a wide variety of plants but it also works wonders for cultivating mushrooms! Just add some Vermiculate into your mushroom substrate mix (combined with other components such as straw) and youll have delicious mushrooms popping up in no time at all!

One important thing to note: do NOT use vermiculate with succulent plants because it holds too much moisture; instead opt for perlite as this will provide better airflow for these types of plants.

So next time you visit us, make sure you spellvermucilte correctly - because this amazing natural mineral has countless uses that are perfect both indoor and outdoor growing!

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