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Fish Agra - IncrediGrow,  Natural Products

CLEARANCE: Agri-Growth - Fish Agra

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Certified Organic! Fish Agra® is a unique blend of hydrolyzed whole fish and plant protein extracts, designed to protect crops during high stress times and build healthy, active soil.

100% organic and is approved by the OCIA. The hydrolyzation process is a low-temperature natural process in which enzymatic digestion breaks down the fish into simpler protein complexes and which protects and maintains the nutrients in the fish. Fish Agra® process uses whole ocean fish, not scraps. It has been successfully used on over 30 different crops including most vegetables, fruits, berries, and field crops. Use both as a foliar feed and at planting on the seed. Deodorized!

  • Very effective for treating a plant that is under stress.
  • Provides slow release of nitrogen for 15 weeks.
  • Prevents phosphate fixation, making minerals more soluble and phosphate components more available to crops.
  • 100% soluble, spray-able.
  • Filtered for easy spray or use in fertigation system.

Foliar Spray
Dilute 30 ml (2 tbsp) with 4 litres of water.

Root Watering
Dilute 60 ml (4 tbsp) with 4 litres of water.

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