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1 Shot Hydroponic Bucket Kit / Deep Water Culture Kits DWC

  • $4500

5 gallon Bucket systems allow both the experienced and inexperienced grower to garden with ease. All parts are included in this kit, creating a true plug-n-play system. Capable of expansion, you can add on to your collection of buckets including cloning stations, multi plants and single plant combinations. Filling and draining make this system easy no matter how many buckets are in your collection. Deep water culture systems allow for maximum amounts of oxygenation in the root zone, optimizing growth potential. Whether used for producing stock plants or expanded for a complete system, Hydro Buckets are an affordable, convenient & versatile solution for any grower.

1 Shot Bucket Kit Includes :
1 x 10 ltr. bucket
1 x 5" Basket
4' Air Line
1 x Marina 100 Air Pump
1 x 3/16 Connector
1 x 3/8 Tee
2 x 3/.8 Elbows
1' x 3/8 Poly Hose
1 x 4" Rockwool Cube


We are able to make any combination of holes, baskets air pump, sprinkler, mist and water pumps you require. Call the store for custom orders 403-255-0740

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