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Eco Plus Air Stone - Round

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Water can get stagnant if it is not properly aerated. This can occur by the lack of oxygen or too much organic matter in the water. Stagnant water is generally considered to be unhealthy and smelly, as it may contain harmful bacteria and viruses.

Air stones help to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in a body of water. This helps to reduce any odors that may come from decaying material which builds up over time without proper circulation. The increased oxygenation also helps reduce algae growth by providing more competition for nutrients between organisms in the water.

Air stones do not affect pH levels directly; however they do provide beneficial effects on pH balance indirectly due to their ability to increase dissolved oxygen content, which leads to better aerobic conditions (higher DO levels) that discourage anaerobic bacteria activity that produces acidity (lowering pH).

Air stones are particularly useful for hard water sources such as those found in Calgary since they help improve air/oxygen saturation while still maintaining stable mineral concentrations.

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