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Friday the 13th: The Sinister History of Tomatoes

Did you know that in the 18th century, some people believed that tomatoes were poisonous and associated them with witches and the occult?

Witch Making Dinner by Cutting Tomatoes, Caleigh

Imagine the curious sight of tomato plants, with their happy, vibrant red fruits, lurking in hidden gardens like forbidden secrets, all while people were mystified by their alleged poisonous and evil properties.

As the years passed, the tomato's reputation was transformed from something sinister to a beloved staple in our diets. Today, we grow them with care, savour their delicious flavor, and relish in the magic of transforming them into savoury sauces, salads, and countless other culinary delights.

Ian's cat Sadie looks at a tomato, black cat, ripe tomatoes, foggy day

So, on this foggy Friday the 13th, as you gaze upon your ripe and bountiful tomato plants, remember the curious history that once shrouded these charming and misunderstood fruits, turning them from the feared "poison apple" into the cherished ingredients of many delightful dishes.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes DVD cover

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