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Supernatural - Bud Blaster - IncrediGrow, blaster, bud Nutrients

Supernatural - Bud Blaster

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Supernatural Brand nutrients come in highly concentrated forms for mixing with your hydroponic solutions. Instead of bottles of liquid, they store easily and are simple to measure. They use medical-grade ingredients and are custom-formulated after extensive research to produce the outstanding growth and yields you expect. Let the experts at our fully-stocked Minneapolis indoor gardening store help you select the exact products you need from Supernatual Brand, which also includes products for terra-gardening.

BUD BLASTER 1-52-31High quality essential oil production.

Used to promote increased flower size and quality, Bud Blaster ensures a strong final ripening stage.



  1. Mix ¼ TSP (1.2 ml) per 1 GAL (4 L) of Super Boost feeding mixture.
  2. Stir thoroughly until the powder has dissolved completely.
  3. Follow the ripening stage in the feeding program. 
  • Supernatural Bud Blaster – Robust budding is ensured with this complex formulation, designed for maximum bud production and health.
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