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Mushroom Grow Bags - 15x32 CM - IncrediGrow,

Mushroom Grow Bags - 15x32 CM

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Just the bag! No mushrooms or media included. 

If you're interested in growing your own mushrooms, you need a mushroom bag. You can grow pretty much any type of mushroom with these bags! There are 10,000 different recorded species of mushrooms.

  • A single Portabella mushroom can contain more potassium than a banana.
  • Mushrooms are made up of around 90% water.
  • The mushroom is used in many cuisines throughout the world and it is known as the "meat" of the vegetable world.
  • According to the first big assessment of the state of the world's fungi, the fungal kingdom is vital to life on Earth. Yet, more than 90% of the estimated 3.8 million fungi in the world are currently unknown to science.

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