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Grozone - LS/Load Switcher (LS1 - LS2 - LS3), Controllers, Timers & CO2 Equipment, IncrediGrow, IncrediGrow - Grow, Cannabis, Microgreens, Fertilizer, Calgary, Airdrie, Quickgrow, Amazing, Ecolighting, Megamass, Monolith Tents, Orchid Society

Grozone - LS/Load Switcher (LS1 - LS2 - LS3)

  • $163.28

Additional styles may be available via dropdown menu

•For lamps and various loads

•Input voltage 120V / Four outputs 120V 10A (resistive, ballast) 5A (tungsten) 1HP

  • LS1 - 120v
  • LS2 - 240v
  • LS3 - 120v/240v

     The LS Series of light and high load switchers provide safe and reliable switching of high current equipment such as HID lighting, high amperage heaters or dehumidifiers. The unit performs the high current switching by means of a low-current 120V ac sense cord.

This sense cord can be activated by regular timers.

Multiple units can be installed to control a higher number of loads.

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