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Live Plants - Pilea Spruceana

Live Plants - Pilea Spruceana

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Introducing the Silver Tree Plant (Pilea spruceana). Characterized by its intricate foliage and effortless elegance, this plant thrives in bright, indirect light and should be watered when the top third of the soil dries out. It's essential to maintain consistent humidity levels for optimal growth, making humidifiers and pebble trays indispensable allies in its care regimen. This plant is also well-suited for closed terrariums.

However, be forewarned – the Silver Tree Plant is a drama llama. It's not suited for those who frequently travel or neglect their plants. Forgetting to water it can result in dramatic leaf droop and, in severe cases, the sudden demise of the plant. You must also be viligant signs of over-watering, such as rapidly yellowing leaves, stunted growth, wilting, and root rot. 

To ensure your Silver Tree Plant thrives, provide it with a stable environment free from sudden temperature fluctuations or drafts. Regularly inspect the foliage for signs of pests or disease, and promptly address any issues that arise. DO NOT FORGET TO WATER, but do not overwater either. Pinch the tops of the leaves often to encourage thicker stems and branching.

With proper care and attention, the Silver Tree Plant will reward you with vibrant foliage and enduring charm, making it a standout feature in any botanical display.

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