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10 x 20 Propagation Tray (Light Duty) - IncrediGrow, 1020, clone, flourecent, flourescent, flouresent, fluorecent, fluorescant, microgreens, seedling, sprouts Grow Systems, Tables, Flood Trays & Reservoirs

Mega Mass - 10 x 20 Propagation Tray (Light Duty)

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Introducing the 10x20 Propogation Tray: The Perfect Balance of Lightweight Ease and Durability!

Are you looking for a propagation tray that strikes the perfect balance between lightweight ease of use and multi-use durability? Look no further than the 10x20 Propogation Tray! This tray measures 10 x 20 and is ideal for seed and cutting propagation. It is compatible with hydroponic grow mats and micro-mats, and doubles as a drip tray with no drain holes.

The 10x20 Propogation Tray is the perfect addition to your hydroponic setup. It is designed to accommodate our 10x20 nano dome and T5 fluorescent or T5 LED for optimal growing conditions. With this tray, you can easily and quickly propagate up to 50 clones or seedlings.

The 10x20 Propogation Tray is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a lightweight, durable, and multi-functional tray for their hydroponic setup.

With its perfect balance of lightweight ease and multi-use durability, you can be sure that your plants will be well taken care of. Get your 10x20 Propogation Tray today and start growing your plants with ease!

SKU: MMP248-1020

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