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Mega Mass - LED Magnifier 60x-100x.

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Greater Magnification and Fine Focus Control

Magnifier: a person or thing that magnifies. a lens or combination of lenses that magnifies an object; magnifying glass.

 Neewer 60x-100x Light and KnobsExperience the convenience of this remarkable pocket microscope or jeweller's loupe! Featuring a variable level of magnification from 60x - 100x, as well as a fine focus knob and extendable barrel, this microscope is sure to bring your specimens into sharp focus. Plus, you can use your smartphone to line up with the barrel for even higher levels of magnification. And when you don't use the digital zoom, your subject is framed in a tight black circle. This incredible little device also includes a mirror to reverse your image, so you can easily spot certain sections in your specimen. Don't forget, instructions and a pleather carry case are included, so you can take your microscope with you wherever you go. Get ready to experience the power of this remarkable pocket microscope - it's sure to revolutionize your observations!
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