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Lady Bugs (Seasonal Availability)

Lady Bugs (Seasonal Availability)

  • $1000

Protect your flower gardens, roses, and trees from Aphids with live Lady Bugs. This package includes 250 live Lady Bugs to cover up to 15 sq. meters. When released into your garden -preferably at night over a 2 week period - the adult Lady Bugs feed and reproduce by laying eggs. Once these eggs hatch, hungry Lady Bug larvae keep your pests at bay!


  • Environmentally safe pest control  
  • Lady Bugs feed on Aphids, Mites, Scale, Thrips, Whiteflies and larva and eggs of other pests  
  • Eggs are laid amongst Aphid colonies and when hatched eat up to 300 pests per day over a 28 day period  
  • Must be kept refrigerated until released
  • Excellent beneficial insect
  • Hippodamia convergens: North American Native ladybug, does not bite nor go into homes
  • Only eat aphids and other soft-bodied pest insects and insect eggs
  • Adults: orange and black beetles that feed on aphids, mites, scales, thrips, whiteflies and beneficial insect food
  • Adult ladybugs feed primary at night and lay eggs
  • Eggs are white or yellow ovals,  laid in clusters on the undersides of leaves
  • Larvae: having no wings, remains on your plants, keeping control of pests
  • Larvae: black and orange alligator shaped
  • Both adult and larvae stage: great general pest controllers
  • Upon receipt of the ladybugs place them in the crisper of the fridge to cool them down and release them in the evening
  • Be sure to water the area before releasing the ladybugs, traveling is thirsty work
  • Placing a small dish of water in the garden will help keep not only ladybugs but native insects close to plants especially in the heat of the summer
  • Adult ladybugs will eat 10 to 25 pests per day and will live 3 to 12 weeks (pending environmental factors)
  • Eggs: laid amongst pest insect colonies; once hatched the larvae will eat 50 pests per day


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