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Kootenay Filters -  KFI 300 Bayonette Style – Flange Not Included - IncrediGrow, carbon, filter, greenline, kootenay, kootney, koots roots, kootsroots Fans, Ducting & Air Purification

Kootenay Filters - KFI 300 Bayonette Style – Flange Not Included

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Carbon: Granulated Virgin Activated Carbon
Prefilter installed: Yes
Replacement Prefilter SKU: PF300

CFM/M3 Ratings:
Max Exhaust CFM – 88
Max Recirculate CFM – 175
Max Exhaust M3 – 150
Max Recirculating M3 – 300

The Green Line is Kootenay Filter Inc.’s Lightweight Filter Line. KFI is proud to have a product that uses only virgin activated carbon made from renewable resources. The proven design, manufacturing process and a production staff with years of experience make our product one of the best filters on the market. Our Light line filters are available with flange sizes 4?-14? rated for 250 – 3250cfm. Our filters consist of only 2 things, steel and carbon; they are effective and robust.

Green Line Filters

  • Virgin activated carbon made from renewable resources
  • Dedusted and screened
  • Lightweight filter
  • Max operating temperature 80?C / 176?F
  • Max allowed humidity 70% (short term only)
  • Prefilter installed
  • Robust galvanized steel housing
  • Single packaged and sealed for storage
  • Made in North America
  • 2? carbon bed
  • Flanges installed from 4? to 14?

**WARNING: Using a humidifier with hard water (ie: CALGARY TAP WATER) will cause calcium deposits to accumulate in your grow room. This will CLOG YOUR FILTER and potentially damage your fan. IncrediGrow Garden Centre cannot take back any product that has been mistreated this way. 

SKU: KFI218-9942

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