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General Hydroponics - Flowerpack: Liquid Koolbloom, Ripen, FloraKleen

General Hydroponics - Flowerpack: Liquid Koolbloom, Ripen, FloraKleen

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  1. Liquid Koolbloom: Liquid Koolbloom is a nutrient supplement designed to enhance flower production and fruit development in plants. It provides phosphorus and potassium, which are essential nutrients during the flowering stage. These nutrients help promote larger, denser blooms and fruits, ultimately leading to increased yield and quality.

  2. Ripen: Ripen is a finishing formula used during the final weeks of the flowering stage to encourage the ripening process and enhance the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of the harvest. It contains a blend of nutrients and other compounds that support the plant's natural ripening processes, allowing for optimal maturation of fruits or flowers.

  3. FloraKleen: FloraKleen is a flushing solution used to remove excess salts and mineral buildup from the root zone and growing medium. It helps to prevent nutrient lockout and improve nutrient uptake by the plants, leading to healthier growth and better nutrient absorption. FloraKleen is typically used during the flushing phase before harvest to ensure a clean and smooth finish to the crop.

Start with a high-quality base nutrient solution. General Hydroponics offers various base nutrient formulas like the Flora Series, which provides a balanced blend of macronutrients and micronutrients necessary for healthy plant growth, but you can theoretically use any line's base nutrients and still achieve wicked results with these products. The key is ensuring that your plants receive the necessary macro and micronutrients for healthy growth and development throughout the vegetative and flowering stages.

By combining a high-quality base nutrient solution with Liquid Koolbloom, Ripen, and FloraKleen, you can create an effective feeding regimen that supports robust flowering, promotes ripening, and ensures proper nutrient uptake and absorption. The specific formulations of these products are designed to complement each other and work synergistically with your base nutrients to optimize plant growth and yield.

Here is a suggested feed chart for these products. Remember that this is ON TOP of your base nutrients (ie: Grow, Micro, Bloom), not instead of. 


Expert use: Using FloraKleen for two days before Ripen to condition and break down mineral salt buildups in your substrate delivers Ripen results even faster. To promote sugaring and give your crop a final flavor boost, we recommend using Ripen during the last days before harvest.


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