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Grow Pharm - Fabric Pot (Soft Felt) - IncrediGrow, fabric, pot, smart, smartpot Container & Saucers

Grow Pharm - Fabric Pot (Soft Felt)

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Fabric pots, also known as air pruning containers, are an excellent way to improve your plants' root structures and encourage healthier, stronger growth. The fabric construction of the pots encourages air circulation around the roots, which helps them to branch out and create a dense, fibrous root system. This root system supports the plant and allows it to access more nutrients and moisture from the soil, resulting in healthier and more productive plants.

Why is it so important to take care of your root zone?

1. A healthy root zone ensures that plants receive adequate access to oxygen and water, both of which are essential for growth.

2. The root zone provides essential nutrients to the plant, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, which are essential for healthy root development.

3. Proper root zone management helps to reduce the risk of plant diseases, as a healthy root system will be better able to resist disease infiltration.

4. By keeping the root zone healthy, the plant will be able to better access the nutrients and water it needs, resulting in better growth and higher yields.

5. A healthy root zone can help to improve soil structure, making it easier for plants to absorb water and nutrients.

6. The organic matter in a healthy root zone helps to hold moisture and prevents soil erosion, which can damage crops.

7. A healthy root zone encourages beneficial soil organisms, such as earthworms and bacteria, which can help to break down organic matter and provide essential nutrients to the plant.

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