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Predatory Mites - Cucumeris

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A plump and happy cucumeris. :)

Appearance: Barely visible to the naked eye, although if you look hard enough you can see the predatory mites moving around. Under a microscope they are light brown, pear-shaped and rather cute. 

Storage temperature: 
10-15°C relative humidity 66-70%. Do not leave in a sealed container, as they breathe oxygen. DO NOT REFRIGERATE.

Target pests: 
Western flower thrips, onion thrips, bamboo and broad mites.

Optimum Release Conditions:
 are 20-25°C (68-77°F) with relative humidity 66-70%. 

Gardeners are encouraged to use one slow-release pack per plant -- two for heavier infestations. Once they've run out of food, they will eat each other. They can also sustain themselves temporarily on pollen if it is available.

Cucumeris come packaged with bran mites as a temporary food source, and the bran mites feed upon the bran and yeast in the packet. Bran mites will not infest your plant.

Do not rip open the package, as it contains a breeding colony that will reproduce for approximately four weeks. Opening it will disrupt the process.

Do not make the tiny hole bigger. It is quite large to a cucumeris!

Do read up on the care of these interesting little garden helpers!

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