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Grove Bags - Opaque Autocure Bags

Grove Bags - Opaque Autocure Bags

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Creating the perfect cannabis climate starts with functional packaging solutions that have the ability to maintain low oxygen levels and actively generate humidity by leveraging the moisture from the product packaged within. Grove Bags’ TerpLoc® Cultivation Suite of packaging solutions is made from a precise blend of 6 film elements that actively target specific gas and water vapor permeability properties.

The 6 TerpLoc® elements that come together to form the optimal cannabis climate focus on directly addressing the three primary adversaries of the plant: terpene degradation, moisture loss, & microbial growth. TerpLoc®’s industrial-strength & high barrier elements provide maximum puncture resistance & odor protection, while the anti-static & UV elements create a neutral charge down the sidewall of the packaging to prevent trichomes from being stripped & degraded by harmful UV rays. The last two elements of oxygen & humidity work together to actively diffuse unwanted oxygen and water vapors out of the packaging, to prevent mold growth & maintain optimal humidity levels. These 6 elements amalgamate to eliminate moisture loss, microbial growth, and terpene degradation from damaging the plant medicine.

Terpenes, the organic compounds responsible for the taste, smell, and therapeutic properties of cannabis, are essential for the optimal user experience. Terpenes are extremely fragile, and TerpLoc® preserves them by maintaining an ideal relative humidity of 58-62% RH without the use of costly desiccant packs.

Weight is directly related to the moisture content of cannabis and also determines a business’s cash flow--the more weight they lose, the more revenue they are losing. With the current industry at about 0.1g representing $1 of revenue, TerpLoc® packaging’s ability to retain on average 3% more weight than traditional mylar packaging options makes it a huge driver of profitability.

Mold is the worst enemy of every cannabis operation and can occur early on in the curing process when cannabis is not properly dried. TerpLoc®’s active humidity control allows moisture to continually flow in and out of the bags to keep levels balanced. All unwanted gases and water vapor are diffused through the film producing the ideal environment to preserve cannabis and prevent mold.

In addition to preserving flower quality & eliminating moisture loss to increase product margins, the TerpLoc® Cultivation Suite of packaging solutions also reduces two operational overhead costs by eliminating traditionally manual tasks in the harvest process. Grove Bag anti-static liners were designed for cultivators to help them prevent trichome loss, avoid cross-contamination, and also eliminate the need & labor cost of hand cleaning bins between harvests. The Auto-Cure TerpLoc® Wicket Bags are perfect for all cultivators’ curing needs, burping flower product automatically without the need for human labor while ensuring a consistent cure. SKU: AUT403-0005

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