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Bumper Crop - Veg Booster - IncrediGrow,  Nutrients

Bumper Crop - Veg Booster

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Veg-Booster is a strong vegetative accelerator, which support vigorous green growth and encourages new growth.

Veg Booster enables young cuttings or seedlings to better expand branches allowing for fuller growth in the later flowering stages. Add Veg-Booster directly to your reservoir only once at the beginning of a plant’s vegetative cycle when the seedling/cuttings have gotten over transplant shock. Works on soil grown plants too.

How to Use Veg Booster


Add Veg Booster directly to your reservoir when the roots have developed on your cuttings. For every 15 litres of growing solution in your reservoir mix in 1 gram of Veg-Booster. One 20 gram package will treat 300 litres of growing solution. USE ONLY ONCE.

Soil Applications:

Dissolve 1 gram of Veg-Booster into 15 litres of water. Water with 1/2 litre per plant when you see the roots have developed. USE ONLY ONCE.

NOTEDO NOT USE as a foliar spray. Use with fresh water only.

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