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Grotek - Black Pearl 0-0-2

Grotek - Black Pearl 0-0-2

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Black Pearl™ was the first product in our new  Grotek™ Organics line! Grotek™ was the first to bring engineered charcoal to our industry in 2009 as a means to improve soil quality, plant growth, and to stimulate soil biology. Black Pearl™ is more than just high-quality charcoal. It is a super mineralized with organic inputs like volcanic and sedimentary rock dust, natural chelates, and kelp extract. The harmony between ingredients provides a dramatic boost to crops when added to any nutrient program. Remember that not all charcoal is the same. At Grotek™ we use virgin wood fibre from sustainably managed forests charred in an engineered pyrolysis process. It is considered a Class 1 product by the IBI standards with a surface area over 700m2/g. Peak efficacy achieved when used to stimulate microbial products like RootMax™.

Key features

  • Improves soil quality
  • Drives biodiversity and biological activity
  • Provides key mineral for plant growth

Derived from:

Activated charcoal, Micronized rock dust, Humic acid, Kelp Extract.

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