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4" Plastic snap-on Flange - IncrediGrow, 1500, 2600, 9000, can fan, click, filter, flange, lite, snap Fans, Ducting & Air Purification

4" Plastic snap-on Flange

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CAN-Filter CAN-Lite Flange 4" Plastic for CAN-Lite 2600 or 9000

Flange to connect CAN-Lite 2600 or 9000 to 4" Ducting

These plastic flanges install via an easy snap on, tool-free, connection forming a perfect seal with Can-Filters products.

As awesome as they are for tents and 'grow rooms', these filters (CAN-Lite 2600 and CAN-Lite 9000) are also PERFECT for:

  • Filtering all kinds of other smells and concerns 
  • smoking/medicating areas that require smell and/or smoke mitigation (these filters are the best way to remove 99.9% of smoke and smell)

A perfect set up =

  • One of our CAN or CAN-Lite filters plus its matching flange 
  • A small fan (Can-Fan S400 is perfect for these 2600 and 9000 models)
  • and you're good-to-go!

Use a Max Fan with speed control for higher or lowered filtration needs.

One of our Dial-A-Speed Fan Speed Controls so you can then 'dim' the fan to reduce noise and tailor the fan speed to the requirements of your area.

Purchase an inline baffle to deaden the sound of your fan during peak usage.


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