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20L Bucket/5 gallon pale, Container & Saucers, IncrediGrow, IncrediGrow - IncrediGrow

Heavy Duty Black Buckets (Lid Sold Separately)

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The number one most important tool in any gardener's arsenal. 

This is a standard food-grade black pail for deep water culture, water storage and transportation, mixing nutrients, storing powders, keeping rodents out of your grains, harvesting crabapples and raspberries, etc. Made from high-density polyethylene. 

 Comes in two sizes - please select from the dropdown menu. 


  • 20 Litre/5 Gallon: 15 Inches Tall, metal handle. 
  • 10 Litre/2.5 Gallon: 10.5 Inches Tall, plastic handle. 

For deep water culture, the 20L/5 Gallon bucket is extremely highly recommended in order to give the roots enough room to expand and feed. 

Lid Options: 

We can also drill buckets and lids to your specification. Please contact us before placing your order to discuss hole sizing, etc. 


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