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Business Opportunities

If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow in partnership with a thriving company that is poised for significant expansion, IncrediGrow Corporation is the opportunity for you.

Established in Calgary in 2010, IncrediGrow Garden Centres have a solid history of quality product, a clean and open, family friendly environment and consistent customer satisfaction.

IncrediGrow Garden Centres serve the year round gardening industry with only high-quality, value-priced products that meet our demanding requirements. Our showrooms have a unique, friendly and inviting atmosphere, delivering a superior customer service and shopping experience. Customers build their own year-round indoor gardens to their specifications with a wide array of brand name products and add-ons.

IncrediGrow has recently completed its first phase of expansion with the opening of its Northeast Calgary location, and is ready for continued growth in line with the building demand for indoor growing equipment and expertise. 

With IncrediGrow Corporation as the parent company of IncrediGrow Garden Centre, it has a strong brand in Southern Alberta and is known as the premium choice for year-round gardening. IncrediGrow Garden Centre offers a combination of quality products, operational excellence and value without compromise, all in an exciting, upbeat family-friendly environment.

Operationally, IncrediGrow Garden Centre is second to none in the City. Cleanliness is paramount, and through detailed systems and training procedures, IncrediGrow Garden Centre provides consistent delivery of all products in a sparkling open boutique environment. IncrediGrow Garden Centre’s operational culture is unique, and IncrediGrow Garden Centre’s way of doing things makes it stand out against competitors.

While we are primarily a hydroponics supply retailer, we are conscious of the importance of developing a variety of product selections with broad reach, including extensive aquaponic, aeroponic and soil-less mix sections, orchid supplies, as well as complete garden packages that offer our uncompromising quality at an affordable price.

Our formula works – tried and tested, the hydroponics and year round gardening industry is growing and remains an excellent business opportunity across Canada. Our growth strategy is built on carefully selected sites and a commitment to maintaining the quality brand that is IncrediGrow.

Partnership in Success

IncrediGrow Garden Centre is fully committed to the success of our finance and business partners. We are currently seeking capital partners, or passionate entrepreneurs looking to grow new locations.

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