Marketing – IncrediGrow Garden Centre

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Marketing Support

IncrediGrow Garden Centre provides innovative and engaging marketing support for all stores, both regionally and market-specific, with internal store programs, media buying, product features and Limited Time Offer’s, as well as value conscious promotions. We advertise on targeted media including online, radio and print. In addition we maintain a strong presence on social media. Our message is consistent with the IncrediGrow Garden Centre brand with a focus on high quality, more variety & better value as well as a sense of humour.

Features And Promotions

Our marketing team creates quarterly and yearly strategic plans for each market. These plans include product specific limited time offers (LTO’s) that are researched to catch industry trends and lead the indoor gardening tier in value conscious product offerings. Typically, two LTO’s are run per year. Eye-catching graphics with complimentary photography are produced for in-store placement that encourage guests to take part in the feature. These offers provide excitement for the returning guest, as well as capture new guests with trendy new products!

Our Operations team provides exceptional training guides for these features to ensure IncrediGrow Garden Centre’s ongoing commitment to quality. Stores are encouraged to take part in seasonal holidays, supported with weekend or week-long offers (Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Canada Day, Halloween and Christmas, to name a few) and in store contests.



Trends and Research

IncrediGrow Garden Centre’s marketing team does ongoing research and development in product management and competitive analysis. Focus groups and surveys from our customer base are combined with in-depth forecasting to keep our features and product selection current and on trend with the market and economy.

Media and Advertising

Media and advertising strategies promote LTO’s (Limited Time Offers) in addition to strategic price point features and brand messaging including new store opening announcements. Traditional radio and print, along with on-line social media components and street-savvy guerilla marketing campaigns round out a comprehensive approach to IncrediGrow Garden Centre media.

Media Plans include:

  • Print
  • Radio
  • Facebook/Twitter social media
  • Bus backs and local transit advertising
  • Online social programs (Groupon, etc.)
  • Store exterior and interior brand messaging
  • The marketing team conducts ongoing surveys and market-research across the chain, constantly listening to our guests and our team members for feedback and ideas. New strategies and sales-building concepts are discussed weekly and applied to stores as needed.

IncrediGrow Garden Centre Marketing is consistently brand-driven, taking new strategies and traditional media to new levels, executing great new ideas and design-forward graphics in market-wide and store specific programs.

Local Store Marketing

At IncrediGrow Garden Centre, we pride ourselves on our significant commitment to providing support to the local communities and assistance to charitable organizations. We contribute with sponsorship advertisements, gift packages and giveaways.

As part of a fun and energetic culture, our garden centre's celebrate holidays, milestones and accomplishments, such as: Grand Openings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Outstanding Guest Services, etc.


Event Marketing

IncrediGrow Garden Centre is involved with community events; we do live radio feed and other on-site promotions to create brand awareness at our locations. Our guerilla marketing approach includes: hiring Street Team Brand Ambassadors and exposing them to the local community during events to generate the IncrediGrow Garden Centre buzz and awareness, participation in street-level events (local parades, etc), and volunteering at charity events.

Interior Design and Decor

IncrediGrow Garden Centre builds great looking showrooms.  Our interior and exterior design packages are best-in-class, with each store built to suit its market and location, while maintaining trademark dress standards and introducing the newest and most innovative design materials.  IncrediGrow Garden Centre is recognized by developers as a best-in-class chain for design and trademark dress

All four of our models come with variations of our design and decor package, built to suit size, location and regional market.