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Identifying Pests

Pests of Cannabis and Other Plants -

Pests of Vegetables - Government of Alberta

Beneficial Insects -

General Advice:

  • It is not recommended to spray cannabis while it is in flower. Just because a pesticide is listed as being “food safe” doesn’t mean you want to smoke it!
  • Never spray anything on your plants with the lights on. This includes water!
  • ALWAYS inspect and quarantine new plants before introducing them to your garden, even if the grower assures you that they’re bug free. What is an unnoticeable problem in their garden could become difficult to manage in your garden. 
  • You can bring indoor plants outside, but bringing outdoor plants inside is risky. 
  • If you introduce hydrogen peroxide to your root zone, you need to continue using it for your entire grow. Enzymes can be introduced without creating a dependency.
  • Most sprays require applications at two-week intervals because the eggs are protected.
  • Ladybugs require multiple applications as they tend to fly away. 
  • You, your children and especially your pets can carry pests from outdoors. Pets should be barred from your grow room and humans should shower and change their clothes after coming in from outside. Always wash your contaminated clothes in hot water.