Garage Sale 2023 – IncrediGrow Garden Centre

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Garage Sale 2023

Garage Sale 2023 - IncrediGrow Store Policies

Hello and welcome to IncrediGrow's Garage Sale 2023 event. We want your shopping experience to be smooth, so let's go over our event policies:

  1. Discounts: We're keeping it simple—remember, one discount per item. After you click "add to cart," your discount will show up.

  2. Standard Shipping: While free shipping isn't available for Garage Sale 2023, we've got standard shipping options at your service.

  3. Local Delivery Restrictions: For 23L Garage Sale 2023 items, local delivery isn't an option. However, smaller sizes in reasonable quantities can be locally delivered.

  4. North Store Pickup: If possible, opt for our North store pickup. The main event is happening there, and we will be able to fulfill your order faster this way.

  5. In-Stock Items Only: During Garage Sale 2023, our focus is on what's currently in stock—plenty of choices to explore. 

  6. No Special Orders: Special orders aren't available for this event.

  7. No Rainchecks: Unfortunately, rainchecks won't be issued during Garage Sale 2023. It's a first-come, first-served affair.

  8. No Retroactive Discounts: We do not offer retroactive discounts. 

  9. Holds and Prepayment: If you want to reserve something, you'll need to prepay for it online. This helps keep things fair for all shoppers. 

If you have questions, we're here to help. Enjoy your shopping, and don't forget to check out the main event at the North Store. We have additional items and discounts not available online, including bulk and volume discounts, used lights, discontinued items, rarities and more!

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