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Starter Kit: Tent & Light Package [WITH BONUS GIFT]

Starter Kit: Tent & Light Package [WITH BONUS GIFT]

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Summer is over...

You've had your taste of outdoor gardening, but now that the season's over you want to try your hand at growing indoors. If you're not sure where to start, or if you just want an easy setup, IncrediGrow can help you. This package uses high only high-quality products from Monolith, Cloudline, Kootenay Filters, Mars Hydro and more! 

We're also including a bonus gift from MegaMass Plant Products to get you started, making this the ultimate starter kit. 

Base Package:

Tent: 5' x 5' x 7.1' Monolith Tent
Fan: CLOUDLINE S6, Inline Fan w/ Speed Controller
Ducting: 6 " x 10ft
Filter: Kootenay - KFI 800 WITH 6" FLANGE ATTACHED - 470 CFM
Timer: Intermatic tn311 timer
Clamps: 6" Hose clamp x 2

Lighting Options (Choose One):

LED: TWO Mars SP 250s (LED)  
CMH: ONE 630w H-Star Ceramic Metal Halide fixture with TWO bulbs (CMH)

Bonus Gift:

MegaMass Grow 1L
MegaMass Blend 1L
MegaMass Bloom 1L
MegaMass Weight Gain 50g
MegaMass Missing Link Black 1L (Soil) or Missing Link Gold 1L (Hydro)

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