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West Coast Seeds - Root Seeds

West Coast Seeds - Root Seeds

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  • Use Beets grown from beet beeds in raw salads, pickled, boiled with sauces, baked with other root vegetables, or in soups. Beet roots have many delicious benefits and the greens are even more nutritious, containing minerals, vitamins and fibre. Plant Beet seeds early for the best flavour. Plant in the garden or in pots on the patio.
  • A member of the Brassica family, radishes share some of the yummy properties with broccoli and cabbage. The green leaves are good cooked and are high in beta carotene. In England they were known from the mid 1500's and used for various purposes including the treatment of certain problems. Radish seeds grow in pods and these were often pickled and served with ale. Radishes vary in colour from white to scarlet and there are shades of green radish and lavender radish.
  • The exact origin of turnips cannot be determined by the archaeological record, but it appears that they were established as food crops in ancient Greece and Rome. The closely related radishes and mustards appear to have originated in West Asia/Eastern Europe, so it’s reasonable to suspect that turnips were domesticated in that general area. There is a long tradition of growing turnips for feeding livestock, but human consumption was certainly early as well. Pliny the Elder wrote about turnips that they were the most important crop “directly after cereals, or at all events after the bean, since its utility surpasses that of any other plant.”
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