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Triangle Tent 3'x2.5'x6.5' Tall by Homebox Vista, Grow Tents, IncrediGrow, IncrediGrow - IncrediGrow

Triangle Tent 3'x2.5'x6.5' Tall by Homebox Vista

  • $19450
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There‘s space even in the smallest room and with our new HOMEbox® Vista Triangle you can make optimum use of it. Thanks to its triangular base, it can be fitted into any corner of the room and become a new piece of furniture in the living area. The large viewing window on the front is big enough to look into the grow tent without compromising the inside climate. An LED / 250-W bulb provides the ideal illumination. Who wants to have a look around at this growbox, just have a look at this video from Growland.

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