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TP3 High-temp Shut-off Thermostat, Controllers, Timers & CO2 Equipment, IncrediGrow, IncrediGrow - Grow, Cannabis, Microgreens, Fertilizer, Calgary, Airdrie, Quickgrow, Amazing, Ecolighting,

GroZone - TP3 High-temp Shut-off Thermostat

  • $10500

• Automatically shuts down lighting and/or other equipment when a high temperature set point is reached

• Once turned off, the unit will run a user selected delay from 0 to 15 minutes before turning back on

• 6' cord with temperature sensor precise to 2°F / 1°C

• Can power 120 V equipment up to 15 amps

• Can be used in conjunction with 120 V high load or light switcher

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