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SpectraLux - Metal Halide 7500k (400 watt - 600 watt - 1000 watt)

  • $3924

Available sizes 400watt - 600watt - 1000watt pick wattage from the drop-down menu.

The Spectralux® Metal Halide (MH) Blue Enhanced Performance lamps offer an extra emphasis in the blue spectrums with Kelvin temperature of 7,500°K.

Stimulates plant foliage growth and tighter internodal spacing during vegetative growth.

These lamps have been specifically engineered for horticulture applications and to be compatible with both magnetic and electronic ballasts. Spectralux® lamps are optimized for use with Sun System® brand ballasts and reflectors.

The Spectralux® lamps are high quality, feature robust construction and have excellent reliability. Universal burn position.

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