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Simply Organic Soil 40L Bluesky Organics, Blue Sky Organics, IncrediGrow, IncrediGrow - IncrediGrow

Simply Organic Super Soil 40L Bluesky Organics

  • $3499

Simply Earth™ is our pre-fertilized Super Soil which is the core of the BlueSky system. This specifically formulated growing soil is fortified with 21 premium ingredients. It has been bio-inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi and microbes to boost the performance of your plants. Super Soil converts typically unavailable nutrients into easy-to-absorb forms which supply precise nutrients for each stage of growth. Simply Earth™ Super Soil is a high performance, resilient and fortified soil designed for all your fruiting and flowering plants. For best results, use BlueSky Organics high-quality ingredients.

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