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Rapid Rooters (BULK 1400/cs)

Rapid Rooters (BULK 1400/cs)

  • $42000

     General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Case 1400 Plugs

The pathway to rooting success Rapid Rooter® plugs are designed for rooting cuttings, clones, and starting seeds. This product is superior over all other plugs on the market. Just place the stem of a cutting or a seed inside the divot in the center of each plug. Seeds sprout beautifully, and cuttings develop roots extremely fast. Rapid Rooters are manufactured using plant-derived polymers to bond composted materials. These plugs achieve the perfect balance of moisture to air, which prevents rot and discoloration while at the same time promoting root growth. The Rapid Rooter is also home to thriving populations of beneficial microbes that colonize root systems and help plants resist disease. Discover the simple way to start a plant's life cycle and create robust root systems that support explosive growth and harvests.

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