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Tropf-Blumat -  Garden Dripper (10 Pack) - IncrediGrow,

Tropf-Blumat - Garden Dripper (10 Pack)

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2x End Pieces

8x Double Pieces

Tropf Blumat Garden Drippers are used for watering larger areas using only one Tropf-Blumat. This set of 10 drippers contains 2 meters (6.5 feet) of 3 mm(3/32) drip tubing.  Two nozzles allow you to connect tubing on both sides of the dripper for up to five drip locations from one Tropf-Blumat (dripper chain). The end-distributor dripper has a drip nozzle on one side only, for use as the end piece in a dripper chain.

SKU: BLU374-0265

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