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Phillips Green Power LED Production Module

  • $25000
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     The right light, at the right time, in the right place Different plants have different light needs. With the GrowWise Control System and its dynamic modules, you will have the opportunity.

Specially designed for your vertical growth system, the GreenPower LED production module is the best solution for new or existing installations. Due to its high energy efficiency and long lifetime, the GreenPower LED production module is the cost-effective way to improve climate and crop control for indoor cultivation environments. The GreenPower LED production module is optimized for closed, climate-controlled cultivation facilities, such as city/vertical farms, propagation and research centers that use multilayer growth systems to grow crops such as:

• Leafy vegetables and herbs

• Young plants

• Soft fruits Deep red (DR) most efficient for photosynthesis, vegetative reproduction and stimulating shoot development Blue (B) positive effects on compactness and hardening White (W) working light / full spectrum Far red (FR) positive effect on generative properties, flower formation and rooting

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