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Mammoth Propagator- 4ft x 4ft x 2ft

  • $32400

The Mammoth Propagator 125 is the latest tent to arrive, and it is ideal for germinating or propagating seeds. Like always, the Mammoth quality is superb, and this propagator grow tent feels tough and durable. At L126cm x W62cm x H123cm it's also big enough to house a few different propagators or plants yet small enough that it won’t take up all your growing space.

You’ve also got the added option of using a few shelves to layer your plants up! These shelves are supported by the strong steel frame, with grooves allowing each one to click into place at whichever height you need. This versatile design means you can easily change the height of your plants, to fit their needs, without really disturbing anything else in the set-up.

The interior of the tent has a strong 190D Mylar lining to ensure good reflection of light throughout the tent area, with the exception of one side. This side has been made from a breathable black material instead, but this helps to control the humidity and temperatures within the tent.

So, this tent is not only highly reflective inside, but it is strong, lightproof, simple to modify and super easy to set-up and maintain. If you’re looking for a propagation tent with a little more customization (maybe even room for a mother plant?) this one will do the job. Use two shelves, just one shelf or none at all - it's completely up to you.

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