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CLEARANCE: Live Plants - Calathea Orbfolia

CLEARANCE: Live Plants - Calathea Orbfolia

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They are known for their wide, green, colourful leaves the are often variegated with bright colours such as pink, orange, red and white. During night time the leaves fold up in the morning the leaves will unfurl In search of the morning sun

Light: Low to moderate light. Bright light may cause the leaves to drop. 

Water: water when soil is 50% or more dry

Soil: well draining tropical or potting mix

Humidity: high humidity 50% or more

Feeding: monthly feeding of balanced fertilizer during growing season

Toxicity: pet friendly

Low humidity and underwatering can cause brown leaves, either in patches or at the edges. Overfertilization can turn the tips brown. Please mist your calathea when the lights are off.

Calatheas can be a great choice for vivarium use.  Their leaves can make a great perch and provide shelter for your vivarium inhabitants to create potential egg-laying spots for a variety of poison dart frogs. They should be planted in the substrate and will grow quite tall, so keep this in mind when planting it in your tropical vivarium.  


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