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Hydroplex is a supplement for your feeding schedule developed by Botanicare, specially formulated to stimulate the production of flower buds in plants, now available in Alchimia Grow Shop.

This PK booster has a 10-6 proportion of these elements in a highly concentrated formula that also contains amino acids, oligo-minerals, and selected vitamins.

This natural-based set of products enhances the production of bigger budding flowers improving the plant's resistance to stress, pests, and diseases. It stimulates enzyme, chlorophyll, essential oils and sugar production.

Hydroplex from Botanicare features:

  • Enhances bud production: higher yields with bigger and more compact flowers
  • Improves the concentration of essential oils, natural sugars, chlorophyll and proteins
  • Stimulates enzyme and vitamin segregation
  • Compatible with any kind of base nutrients
  • Suitable for soil, coco, and hydro/aeroponic systems
  • Dosage: 2-5ml/4l of water from the 3rd week into flowering

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