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Growlite 1000DE hood, Lighting & Reflective Material, IncrediGrow, IncrediGrow - IncrediGrow

Growlite 1000DE hood

  • $35000

The first Double Ended Horticulture Reflector suitable for both indoor and greenhouse applications. Flexibility within the unit, combined with end user functionality, makes this product one of a kind. Patented Concealed Vacuum Airflow Technology maximizes the hood’s photometric performance and thermal dissipation Includes a 4-way field selectable 8″ removable flanges, solid plates, and louvered plated for fully sealed air-cooled operation Removable 1/8th” thick tempered glass door for optional air-cooled or non air-cooled operation Exceptional housing quality ensures reliability and durability, minimizing down time due to maintenance and cleaning