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Can-Filter 33 Carbon Filter

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SpecificationsMaxRecirculating (Scrubbing)CFM: 400 cfm / 700 m³hMaxExhaustCFM: 200 cfm / 350 m³h@ 0.1 sec contact timeRecommended Min Airflow: 100 cfm / 175 m³hPrefilter: YesFlange: 4", 6" Dimensions: (with pre-filter)·Outside Diameter:30.5cm / 12"·Height:33cm / 13"·Total Weight:11.5kg / 25.3lbs.·Carbon Weight:7.5kg / 16.5lbs.·Carbon Bed Depth:5cm / 2"Max Operating Temp: 80ºCPressure drop at max cfm: 180pa / .75"wg


**WARNING: Using a humidifier with hard water (ie: CALGARY TAP WATER) will cause calcium deposits to accumulate in your grow room. This will CLOG YOUR FILTER and potentially damage your fan. IncrediGrow Garden Centre cannot take back any product that has been mistreated this way. 

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