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BioThrive Grow 4-3-3, General Organics, IncrediGrow, IncrediGrow - IncrediGrow

BioThrive Grow 4-3-3

  • $2200

BioThrive Grow 4-3-3

Provides plants with essential nutrients for roots, stems, and foliage. Conceived from plant and mineral extracts, our pure and natural vegan formulation encourages beneficial microbial activity in the root zone. BioThrive Grow is ideal for all types of plants in all phases of growth, and can be used with garden soils as well as potting mixes.• Note: This product works best with soils that contain calcium. When using depleted soil, coir, perlite, rock wool or any sterile media, for best results, we recommend that you supplement this product with CaMg+.

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