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Coco coir 5kg

Coco coir 5kg

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  • Absorbs and retains more water than peat moss
  • Improves aeration and drainage
  • Adds organic matter to any soil
  • pH neutral
  • One bag is equivalent to 3 cubic feet once expanded
  • Made from coconut coir

Just Add Water to Expand the Blocks

The coco coir fiber often comes in compressed blocks which will have to be soaked in water and then broken apart to use them.

  • Just be sure and expand your block in a container that can hold seven times the volume of the block.
  • Add water and let it absorb and expand.
  • It may take about 15 minutes (maybe more).
  • You can use a shovel or a digging fork to break apart any large remaining chunks and stir it until it’s fluffy.

How to Use Coco Coir

  • In your garden or for your potted plants you can mix up to 40% coir with your soil or potting mix.
  • Make your own seed starting mix–for starting small seeds it is best to use fine pith coconut coir.
  • Coir is nice on its own but even better when combined with other amendments such as rice hulls and perlite. Using them in combination will provide you with the best results in drainage, aeration, and water retention.
  • Coir also makes a great worm bin bedding!

Try some coconut coir fiber in your garden this season and grow organic for life!

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