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West Coast Seeds - Twister Multi (Pelleted) (10 Seeds)

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Juncus effusus 'Spiralis'. This quirky cultivar of the soft rush Juncus effusus grows its stiff, smooth leaves in a curious corkscrew shape. The leaves add a touch of drama to floral bouquets. This plant prefers damp soils, and grows well at the margins of ponds or in soil that is constantly irrigated. It does well in slightly acidic soil (typical of pond margins) in full sun to partial shade. It is a hardy perennial in Zones 4 and up, but can be grown as an annual in cooler climes. Twister produces unremarkable, tan-coloured flowers in late summer and may self-sow in the right conditions. Grow it in a balcony container for visual impact, but keep it well-watered.


    • Juncus effusus 'Spiralis'
    • Hardy to Zone 4
    • Full sun to part shade
    • Highly ornamental

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