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Advanced Nutrients - Bud Candy

  • $4500

Flavor, Aroma & Bigger Yield Enhancer Remember that time you first tried cotton candy at the local County

PRODUCT TYPE: Bloom Booster, Taste/Aroma Enhancer, Plant Protector

BUD CANDY BENEFITS: -Larger Flowers -More Taste -More Aroma -More Resins -Stronger Roots -Faster Floral Maturation -Stronger Plant Immune Systems 

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WHEN TO USE BUD CANDY: Bloom phase GARDEN TYPES: Rockwool, Coir, Soil, Sphagnum, Ebb & Flow, NFT, aeroponics, aquaponics, vertical stacker, rotary, indoor, outdoor, organic, synthorganic, synthetic. *Imagine your grateful eyes taking in the glitter and gold of your candy tasting flowers... your taste buds and nose taking in their gourmet aroma.

You're guaranteed you'll see your plants eating tons of carbohydrate energy so your flowers swell up all bloom phase and you'll stagger under the weight of your sugarcoated harvests.*

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